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Important updates for our patients due to public health risks posed by the spread of the COVID-19 “Coronavirus”.

Note: For the latest information on the Covid-19 Vaccine in Nova Scotia, visit: www.nshealth.ca/coronavirusvaccine

Getting an Appointment:

Our office has been receiving a higher than average number of calls and requests for appointments.   The challenges in accommodating all these appointments is made more difficult by the public safety protocols required of us to help keep you safe.  These protocols and safety measures limit the number of patients we can see safely per day.  We are doing our utmost to keep your health in mind, and, as such, our face-to-face visits are reserved for patients requiring in-office examinations.  All other visits will be booked as phone visits.

Please note: our phone visit requests have increased in number and there may be a longer than usual wait for routine phone appointments.  To ensure you’re receiving the best care possible during this challenging time, please advise our staff of your exact health care needs when you’re speaking with them on the phone.

Preparing for your non face-to-face visit

Given the many phone calls and phone visits at the present time, Drs. Sabine & Wellwood ask that all patients booked for non-face-to-face visits (aka phone calls) be prepared with the following:

  • Please be prepared for a possible call from an unlisted number as most physicians are performing phone visits from personal phones, instead of office phones.
  • If you’re on BP medication please have home readings recorded and ready for review during your call.
  • Be prepared to provide the list of meds you need to be refilled (please have your bottles/blister packs nearby).
  • As things are changing so quickly day-to-day we ask that patients have patience and be accepting if we call earlier or later than their set phone appointment (+/- 1-hours). This enables improved efficiency on our end. Note: if there is no answer the first time, we will attempt a second time later that day. Please refrain from submitting a second call back request from our website if you note a missed call from us as we will attempt a second call.

Non urgent test results

This is an unusual time. Normally we flag non urgent test results to your charts and use these flags to remind us that certain items should be reviewed during your next visit. As many visits have been cancelled, we ask that you please take note of which labs, X-rays, tests, specialty visits you’ve had and take ownership of these items. It’s important that in the chaos nothing is missed. If you feel something should be reviewed, we’re happy to provide a phone visit with you to review these items.

Baby visits  

Routine well baby visits and routine child immunizations are still critical at this time and strongly advised by public health.  If you have a child under 2 requiring a well baby visit please read the following new clinical protocol.

  • All well baby visits will be booked in the afternoon.
  • A nurse or one of our staff will phone parents the morning of the visit and review milestones/concerns/health teaching for the baby’s appropriate age.
  • During the phone call the Covid-19 screening questions will be asked to determine whether an office visit is low risk for all.
  • One person/parent will be allowed in the clinic with the child.  When you reach the clinic, call the office and one of our staff will allow you entrance.
  • Upon arrival, the Covid-19 screening questions will be reviewed again prior to admission to an examining room.
  • Strict hand hygiene protocols will be asked of the parent.
  • Once in the room, since most of the history and questions have already been reviewed, a prompt completion of measurements, any required physical exam, and vaccines will be done.
  • Afterwards, the parent will be asked to wait in his/her car for the requisite 15 minutes to observe for any vaccine adverse reactions.

Prenatal visits 

As above, prenatal phone visits will be conducted the day before (or the morning of) booked afternoon face-to-face visits.  Spouses will not be permitted entrance.  All steps outlined above for well baby visits will be followed for prenatal visits as well.   

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