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Important information you should review about appointments at our clinic.

Appointment Length

Regular visits with Dr. Wellwood and Dr. Sabine are scheduled for 15 minutes. If you have a number of concerns, we will do our best to deal with as many as we properly can in 15 minutes, starting with the most pressing issue. Providing a good medical assessment can often take up a whole visit, so we welcome you to make a follow-up visit for any concerns we aren’t able to get to at your appointment.

Same-day / next-day appointments

Dr. Sabine and Dr. Wellwood strive to keep same-day / next-day appointments available in order to ensure you have good access to our clinic. These appointments are usually reserved for urgent or acute issues only. These appointments are available to book online beginning at 5pm on the day before the appointment.

If all the same day appointments are filled, you may be directed to a local after-hours clinic at the Eastern Kings Memorial (EKM) Community Health Centre or Western Kings Memorial (WKM) Health Centre. If the clinical scenario indicates a need for emergency level care, you should seek assessment at Valley Regional Hospital Emergency Department.

Preparing for your visit

We ask that you please arrive early for your scheduled appointment. For some visits you may need to have some measurements taken (e.g. blood pressure, height, or weight measurements) or tests done (e.g. urine tests) prior to the scheduled time. In certain circumstances, we may also ask you to complete a symptom questionnaire to assist in information-gathering to help us best understand your concern.

Each patient requires his/her own appointment time even if you come in together as a family. Occasionally the staff may double-book appointments for certain minor concerns like flu shots and other brief issues.

If you arrive late for your appointment we will have less time to address your concerns, but we will be happy to book you another appointment, if required.

We ask that whenever possible you bring all your medications with you to your visit. This helps you avoid running short on your medications, because we can double check your medication supply and refills with you at your appointment. Bringing all your medications to your appointment is also the easiest way to ensure your medication safety. It helps us maintain an accurate and detailed medication list on you file. Please pay attention to your medications and plan ahead so that you do not run out. In rare circumstances where you do run short and haven’t arranged a follow-up appointment, we can refill your medications without an office visit, but as this is an uninsured service there will be a $10 fee (see uninsured services). We discourage repeated requests for refills without a follow-up appointment because your medical condition (for which you take your medication) should be reviewed periodically by your doctor.


We are now sending automated appointment reminders via text and email. You will be able to confirm or cancel your appointment by following the prompts.


Cancellation & 'no show' policy

MSI does not compensate us for the time and financial loss we incur due to missed appointments, therefore we require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment or a fee will be charged. We will take into consideration emergency situations.

Cancel your appointment anytime through the Pomelo Health.

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