A Collaborative Family Medicine Practice in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Insured Services

Learn about the insured medical services you can access through our primary care clinic.

General office visits

If you have a new or on-going medical condition or concern, please book an appointment to see your physician so we can explore this with you. Chronic medical conditions are best managed with a care plan which can be developed with the help of your doctor or the other allied health professionals in our team.

Preventative health check ups

We offer a full review of your health history and current health concerns. This includes screening for cardiovascular risk, cancer and chronic disease, as well as advice about lifestyle and disease prevention. These visits can include a full physical exam. Medical Services Insurance in Nova Scotia does not fund complete physicals unless medically indicated.

Urgent same day appointments

We strive to offer same day booking for urgent issues. However, if your primary care provider is not available, you are welcome to see another doctor in our group, or one of our nurses. Please try to book with us before going to a walk in clinic to maintain continuity of your care.


We offer routine vaccinations for all ages. These include childhood vaccinations, from birth to 4-6 years of age and boosters for older children, adolescents and adults. Some vaccines require a prescription and need to be picked up at the pharmacy, and, unlike routine child and adult vaccines which are covered and available in our office, many of these other vaccines are not covered by MSI. Vaccines which aren’t covered by MSI are often available without a prescription from your pharmacy. Your pharmacist can prescribe and administer vaccinations for hepatitis A & B, as well as shingles vaccines and HPV vaccine (Gardasil). Please note there is a fee for this service at the pharmacy, just as there would be at a travel clinic or at our office. For general travel advice and vaccines we encourage you to visit a travel clinic.

The Government of Nova Scotia has published a document outlining the Routine Immunization Schedules for Children, Youth & Adults. Most of these are in stock at our office, though some require advanced notice to ensure we have them on hand.

If you have a chronic medical condition, you may benefit from additional vaccines. Please bring this to our attention at your next visit.

We hold yearly flu shot clinics and are able to give flu shots on a walk in basis.


Both Dr. Wellwood and Dr. Sabine can provide the following procedures:

  • Liquid nitrogen treatments for warts and precancerous lesions
  • IUD/IUS insertions (intrauterine device or intrauterine system)
  • Excision of minor skin lesions or cysts.
  • Skin tag removals
  • Joint injections
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